Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McCain Foods Teambuilding Event

This is an example of a typical team building event that Sprig Catering can facilitate. We hosted this event for McCain Foods. Our events are held in a professional commercial kitchen and in this case we utilized the conference room and transformed it into the dining room. Thanks to Chris Kolenda and her crafty touches. The event can also fully take place in the kitchen where we will set up dining tables (so the guests are literally eating in the kitchen, very fun!)

The theme that this client selected was "Spanish Tapas". Each event is client specific and the menu is selected by the organizer. The client is welcomed into the kitchen and has about 20-30 minutes of social time where they can enjoy an appetizer and refreshments while they wait for their entire party to arrive. Afterwards we go over kitchen safety rules and the Chef will usually demonstrate a few culinary skills as well as talk about any unfamiliar or key ingredients that the menu features. The guests are broken up into teams and assigned a Chef assistant to help them strategize and the cooking begins. The group has about 1 hour to complete their item and plate up one presentation plate. Then the group sits down to enjoy their creations.

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